10 Things Your Mom Never Told You

10 Things Your Mom Never Told You

10 Things Your Mom Never Told You


There’s an unwritten mom code.

We tend to hold back some of our secret musings from our children, regardless of how heartfelt or genuine these thoughts are since no good would come of sharing them, especially when children are young and don’t fully understand many of the nuances of love and parental feelings.

Here are a few of my personal “parental truisms”. Do any ring true for you?


  1. Mom always knew you fed your Brussels sprouts to the dog.



  1. Brussels sprouts blow.



  1. Allowing you to fail at times hurt her so much more than it ever did you.



  1. Honestly, despite encouraging words to the contrary, you should really never, ever consider a singing career.



5.  That dried cantaloupe seed necklace you made for her in second grade that she wore with pride, was about as comfortable as a swarm of riled up fire ants.



  1. She secretly did find some of your disgusting fart jokes funny.



  1. She loved your ratty, old teddy bear almost as much as you did.

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  1. There are three types of mom tears: sad, happy, and love.

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9. To her, the Mona Lisa has nothing on your smile.



10. And, finally, and most importantly, you really were her favorite in so many ways.




What are some of your “Mom truisms?”




Written by Becky


  • Patty from MMC says:

    “I do have eyes in the back of my head.”

    When they would get hurt :”It will get better by the time you get married.”

    My momism so were definitely not as profound as yours!

  • Hey Becky, thanks for a good chuckle again. You heard at the funeral that Tor’s favorite truism was “In 100 years, they’ll never know the difference!” I can’t think of any that I can claim as my own. Can you? YLM

  • Lisa says:

    This was a great read to start off the week! Here are a few of my “mom truisms”:

    – Very few things in this world create more fear or dread in me than the stomach flu.
    – Nothing makes me happier than witnessing the love and bond you and your siblings have with one another.
    – I hate spiders as much as, or more than you do.
    – The sight of blood on any of you will always make me woozy.
    – I will never tire of hearing you say “I love you”.
    – Hearing that you have done something extraordinarily kind makes me happier and prouder than your grades, awards, or compliments on your appearance ever will.
    – You may think I have trouble hearing, but I heard every word of every conversation between you and your friends when I drove you places. And I still love you.
    – There is always one of you that keeps me awake at night.
    – You are all my favorites.

    • Becky says:

      Love these! The “extraordinarily kind” one really resonates with me, Lisa since it speaks to their character, rather than accomplishments. We had a pretty rough weekend filled with some extended family strife and wackiness, but both of my boys did lovely things that came straight from their hearts, which warmed my own and made me realize that those are the moments that count: the ones we’ll cling to and cherish.

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