Extended Christmas: Good or Bad?

Extended Christmas: Good or Bad?

Extended Christmas: Good or Bad?


It seems there’s been an awful lot of hullabaloo over skipping Thanksgiving this year.

Or, perhaps I’m just more in-tune with the issue since I had an epiphany about it last year.

I used to be on the side of the “Don’t let Thanksgiving get lost between the commercial folderol of Halloween and Christmas” protesters.  I felt strongly about it only because we so often neglect to stop and count our blessings, which, after all, is what Thanksgiving is all about.  (Shocking, I know, but it’s really not about the stuffing and gravy.  Those just happen to be fortunate accompaniments.)

But then I began to think more about what the Christmas season can mean to people: the look of elation on my mother-in-law’s face as she gazed at our decorated tree for the first time of the season, a Starbucks patron happily pulling a card off of a gifting tree to purchase an item of clothing for someone in need in mid November, my sons spending an entire morning together setting up Christmas decorations without either one attempting to sucker punch the other.  

And I do believe I’ve reversed my stance.

If the mere idea of Christmas brings untold joy and causes folks to act in a kinder, more loving fashion toward their fellow men, isn’t that something to promote rather than reject? If so, then who am I to complain about the radio stations that play holiday muzak, 24/7, from the first of November until the 12th of Never, or about the big box stores that display their holiday wrapping selections beside their “Frozen” Halloween wear.  After all, we can merely push a button and change the station if we don’t want to hear it, or patronize another store if we don’t want to see it.

Instead of thinking that it’s robbing Thanksgiving of its day in the sun, I now see the extended Christmas season as a means of elongating the feeling of goodwill toward all. And that, as far as I’m concerned, is a welcome phenomenon any time of the year.

What do you think?


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