And the Chocolatey Goodness Winners Are . . .

And the Chocolatey Goodness Winners Are . . .

And the Chocolatey Goodness Winners Are . . .


Okay fellow Pondermommers, today’s the big day. Time for the big reveal! Are you ready to hear who the winners of all things sweet and chocolatey are?

Drum roll, please . . .


(No, that’s not me being really, really, cold. It’s my best typewritten imitation of a drum roll. Hey, I’d like to see you do any better!)

The winners, whose names were discretely pulled out of my empty laptop pouch in lieu of a hat by Spencer, are:



and Janine

Congrats, ladies! As I mentioned to you via email yesterday, you’ll each be receiving some super delicious goodies by the end of the week. As will your gracious referrers:


Mary Lou a.k.a., Mom

and Judith

A huge thank you to all of you wonderful souls who went canvassing, harassing, and generally bullying people into signing up for my blog!

I adore you for your commitment to the cause!

And while I still don’t have the amount of regulars hanging around here that I need and desire, in order to honor the fantastic sales jobs that some of you have done, I’ll call it a “win”.

With that said, PLEASE continue to bully your friends, Romans, and countrymenandwomen into registering for my blog, and I’ll continue to write my nonsensical ponderings and share my favorite, test-driven recipes.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s new, delectable dish!

Take care,




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