And Yet . . .

And Yet . . .

And Yet . . .


For those of you who know me well, you’re aware that once I’m done with something, that’s pretty much it.

End of story.

Moving on.

I’m not the type to go back to revisit an old workplace and chat it up with prior colleagues, attend high school reunions, or even take a lot of time to stay connected with folks I wholeheartedly enjoyed, but have lost touch with. (Note to self: work on this – you love these peeps!)

I’m also seldom impulsive, rash, madcap or generally devil-may-care-ish. I think a great deal about a change before I make it, and, once I make that change, I’m already looking forward, focused on new, positive experiences and goals.

And yet . . .

For the first time that I can remember, I think I might just go back to something near and dear to me, and according to the feedback I’ve gotten, near and dear to some of you as well.

I may just go back on my word and start writing nonsense again.

I don’t like letting people down, myself included.

And yet, again . . .

There’s an unavoidable, non-negotiable caveat.

In order to financially succeed in the blogging world, I have to grow the number of people who subscribe to and read my blog. Both of those parameters are important: subscribing and reading, that is.

If you receive regular email notices when I write a new post – congrats, you’re a subscriber. And, if you’re reading this, you’re probably an active reader.

Well done, you!

If I could clone you, I absolutely would!

And yet, once more . . .

I can’t. Cloning is not so much an everyday option for regular folks like us, so that leaves me with trying to find other wonderful readers who closely resemble you, but are not exact genetic replicas of you. (Why am I unable to shake a mental image of a sheep named Dolly?)

So, how do I do that?

Well, here’s where you come in. You and chocolate nut spread, that is.

Let me explain. But only a little.

Chances are that you hang out with some people who would appreciate reading the same type of blogs that you do. Not all of your friends and family, but a good chunk of them at least.

Chances are, as well, that you would enjoy winning a contest and, on occasion, enjoy chocolate hazelnut spread, like Nutella only homemade, and therefore 100 kabillion times more exquisite, especially when smeared on a vanilla bean scone or a buttery croissant.  Oh my.

Am I right? Are you with me so far?

Well, I’m cooking up a contest that I’ll reveal very shortly that involves you and your buddies and chocolate hazelnut spread.

And really, how can that be anything but delicious?

In the end, I can’t do any of this base building stuff without your help.

Are you on board?


Stay tuned!!!



Written by Becky



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