BRRR! It’s Cold Out There!

BRRR!  It’s Cold Out There!

BRRR! It’s Cold Out There!


School was cancelled yet again today, and our district doesn’t plan for any emergency days, meaning the kids just may still be at their desks, sparkler in hand, on the 4th of July. 

It’s been bone chillingly-cold for the last couple of days.  So much so, in fact, that the dog is all stopped up, not wanting to spend enough time in the external freezer that is her bathroom, to take care of business. She’s hoping for a thaw very, very soon.


Havanese covered in snow


Anyway, the frigid weather prompted this poem to emerge from my frosty cerebral cortex, and travel down to my stiffened fingers, and then to my keyboard.  



As I sit and type this poem

My toes feel like they live in Nome.

My fingers, cracked and dry as heck,

Look like they come from North Quebec.


My eyes are cold to the tips of my lashes

I shiver despite my prolific hot flashes.

My lips, they are blue, my cheeks, they are chapped,

In afghans and blankets I’m permanently wrapped.


I am cold, I am frozen, I’m frigid, I’m ice,

Cancun about now would surely be nice!



Written by Becky


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