Do You Want to Win Some Scrumptious, Nutty Chocolate?

Do You Want to Win Some Scrumptious, Nutty Chocolate?

Do You Want to Win Some Scrumptious, Nutty Chocolate?


Hey there!

So, I’m trying to beef up my blog’s subscriber list, and I could really use your help.

I hemmed and hawed a while as to how to go about doing just that, and landed on this contest idea. WARNING – chocolate is involved!

Here’s the gist of it.

• You identify your friends who you think would enjoy reading The more the merrier as long as you think they’re a good match.

You then you contact them – one on one works best. Email them, Facebook message them, tweet them, text them, call them, tap them on the shoulder, poke them in the ribs with a giant foam finger, or whack them over the head with an aggressively-filled balloon animal. Honestly, I don’t much care how you get their attention, only that you do.

Once they’re listening, ask them nicely to go online to and subscribe for the email notifications either by filling in their name and email on the upper right side of the screen where, plain as day, it says, “Subscribe to blog via email,” or by filling in the information requested on the pop up that will show up 20 seconds after they stop on by. Assure them that their email won’t be shared with anyone, and they will not be spammed. I hate spam just as much as the next guy.

At this point, you will bribe them with chocolate. See, by entering their info., they’ll have not only signed up to receive emails when I post something on my blog, but they may also be randomly chosen to win homemade chocolate hazelnut spread that’s delectable. It’s like Nutella, only it’s not because it’s 743.6% better. Homemade almost always is. I tasted this manna at The French Pastry School in Chicago this week, and it has left an indelible impression on my taste buds. Or, if they don’t care for Nutella, then they can request the peanut butter M&M bars I posted a few weeks ago.

I’ll be randomly selecting and announcing 3 winners (First name only!) on Wednesday, July 15th.

• And here’s where it gets good for you! I’ll email the winners to see where to send their homemade Nutella or peanut butter M&M bars and to find out who referred them. If it was you, and I’m able to identify and contact you, you would also get a jar of chocolate hazelnut heaven or dessert bars. Yum!

The more folks you get to sign up, the more likely you are to win!


In short: get people to register on this blog, and you both could win chocolate. 


You now have a week and a half to ask every pondering Peter, Paul, and Mary you know to sign up.




Oh, and THANKS!


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