Memorial Day Gratitude 2016

Memorial Day Gratitude 2016

Memorial Day Gratitude 2016


Today I am grateful for:

The 1.1 million-plus brave souls who, from the Revolutionary War on down through the current Global War on Terror, have died while serving the US: sacrificing their lives for our freedom,

Marching bands playing patriotic tunes,

Diplomacy taking the place of bloodshed,

Honest, hard-working, moral US citizens who, despite their potential struggles, know that supporting hatred is never the way to a better life,

And who also realize that, despite rhetoric to the contrary, our country is still a great, albeit flawed, nation,

And for realizing that we must honor the ultimate sacrifice of those whose lives we remember today by condoning that which is good, and condemning that which is evil,

For friends and food and festivities,

The solidarity of American potato salad, Thai pasta salad, and German frankfurters on one holiday BBQ plate,

Driving trips soon to be taken together as a reunited family unit,

The end of the school year being within arm’s reach, and the 81 days to follow of not having to make sack lunches (but who’s counting?),

And for summer, sweet and lazy, that’s cheerfully knocking at the door.


Enjoy your day!


Written by Becky


  • Right on, Becky! This morning I met a gent in the elevator who wished me Happy Memorial Day! Huh? But he meant well. I asked him if he had been in the service and he said he served in the Army years and years ago. I said “Thank You”. We all ought to thank those who we find out have served our country, don’t you think? And you’re right in your statement that we still have a great, mostly safe, place to live, thrive and worship if we choose. YLM

  • Lori says:

    Good morning! I was up early thinking of you as I was stirring up your recipes!

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