Homespun DVDs of Family Travels Past: They’re Something Little That I Love.

Homespun DVDs of Family Travels Past: They’re Something Little That I Love.

Homespun DVDs of Family Travels Past: They’re Something Little That I Love.


Last night the four of us gathered around the TV for half an hour of reminiscing.

We watched a few of our homemade DVDs of trips we’ve taken: our time out West at Arches National Park, our spring break trip to sunny Puerto Vallarta, and the summer we drove over hill and dale to explore Canada’s easternmost provinces.

There was Logan in his pre-adolescent innocence absorbing every word that our costumed tour guide, Guy, uttered as he reenacted the history of Old Quebec. And there was Spence, all of 3 feet tall, privately wondering what happened to the bottom half of this dude’s pants.

DSCN0144_5 2


We had driven all the way from Chicago, up through 1,000 Islands New York (yes, the birthplace of the aptly named salad dressing), Montreal, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward’s Island (PEI) and then even ferried across the Northumberland Strait to Nova Scotia, all eyes peeled to spy the notorious Ghost Ship whose fiery image is said to haunt the waters.

I’m sure some hiccups occurred along the way: the biting flies that ate us for brunch the day we walked the dunes, the tomato red sunburn I flaunted the day after I was so intent on slathering up the boys with sunscreen at the beach yet forgot to do myself the favor as well, and the speeding ticket – a bitter “welcome home” greeting right after re-entering the motherland.

But the hiccups have long been forgotten.

What remains, however, are the documented smiles and laughter on the DVD. What have become life-long memories are things like learning how to handle a living lobster, canvassing the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundi at low tide, and exploring the travelling sand dunes for which PEI is known.




Many of us have thousands of photos stored on our computers that will never go any further than an iPhoto file. If we get particularly ambitious, we might create a photo album or scrapbook, which can provide sweet memories as well. For me, though, there’s something so special about these travel DVDs: family photos accompanied by a personalized soundtrack, watched together by the four of us snuggled in our family room.

They’re truly something little that I love.


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