If I Could Do Anything, Here’s What I’d Do

If I Could Do Anything, Here’s What I’d Do

If I Could Do Anything, Here’s What I’d Do


A wee bit of whimsy to brighten up your Tuesday.


If I could do anything here’s what I’d do . . .

I’d glide in a gondola,

     gaze at the moon.

I’d float over trees

     in a hot air balloon.

I’d whip up a feast

     to feed all my amigos

I’d lick peachy ice cream

     And crunch on Doritos.

I’d hike up a hillside

     and splash in a pool.

I’d visit a vineyard

     and drink like a fool.

I’d buy a sweet puppy

     that didn’t make us sneeze.

I’d dine on grilled swordfish

     and aged Gouda cheese.

I’d read a new novel

     and watch some TV.

I’d drive cross the land

     in a brand new RV

I’d hug homeless children

     and find them a haven

I’d laser my leg hair

     (to hell with the shavin’)

I’d buy us a “Smart Car”

     and cruise ‘round guilt-free

I’d down jugs of lattes

     and boycott green tea.

I’d go to the movies

     I’d go to a play

I’d go to Slovenia,

     France, and L.A.

I’d rock in a rocking chair,

     muse and be quiet.

I’d joke with good friends

     share a laugh, have a riot.

I’d build a quaint cottage

     with guest rooms galore

I’d flop on a bear rug

     on top of the floor.

I’d light a big bonfire

     then know what I’d do?

I’d dream up tomorrow’s

     adventures brand new.



What would you do?

Written by Becky


  • Mark Orr says:

    Travel. Does not matter where. See NEW places all over the world. Maybe in my next life.

    • Becky says:

      Maybe, sure, but don’t give up hope on this life yet, Mark. Here’s the deal. Since I’m bound to win the HGTV Dream Home any day now, I’ll sell it and give you and Judith a chunk of the proceeds to go explore the world. Deal?

  • Heather says:

    I loved this and if I had time, I would try to come up with a better response in the form of a poem. Alas, no time, so this is all I could do:
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I loved this poem,
    I love you too.
    Love, Heather

  • Patty from MMC says:

    Such a cute poem! Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s what I’d do:
    – wake up 20 lbs. lighter without dieting
    – build homes for refugees
    – clean up Flint’s water and pipes
    – take all my kids and grandkids to Disney World (at no cost, of course!)
    – magically get to Chicago and have breakfasts and book clubs with MMC every time
    – pay off my house
    – open a dog and cat rescue
    – keep every snake at least 3 miles away from me ( in honor of Jeremy)

    …. And those are just the first things that came to mind!!!

    • Becky says:

      You’re welcome. It currently resides on my bathroom wall along with a handful of others. Just thought I’d share beyond those who visit my loo.

      Love all of your “things”, Patty, however, numbers one through three really resonate with me at the moment!

      Maybe you could go to an Omaha Starbucks, order a coffee, and Skype with the MMC-ers? Technology does wondrous things.

  • Colleen says:

    I really enjoyed your poem. Thanks for sharing!

  • Here, here, Becky! The perfect start to a snowy day! I wish my greeting card verses were half as good as your poetry. Keep ’em coming1 YLM

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