Christmas Time Is Here!

Christmas Time Is Here!

Christmas Time Is Here!


We decided to have a small get-together with friends during the holidays because, really, what better time to have folks over than when your house is decked out from basement to rooftop with extra yuletide sparkle.  This wasn’t one of our 100+ person blow-out fests where kids are swinging from the trees and folks are craning their necks out of windows just to have room to breathe, but rather a smaller, more intimate group of adults.

As we were planning for the night, we found out that our son, Logan’s, jazz band needed additional funding for a trip to New Orleans, so we decided to hire the school jazz saxophone quartet that Logan is in as entertainment, with the proceeds going to the band. I’ve always dreamed of having a Christmas party where guests are greeted by live music as they enter, and last night, my dreams were realized in the loveliest way.  

The quartet was tucked up in the balcony overlooking the foyer, decked out in santa hats, and playing wonderfully melodic Christmas tunes.  The effect was magical.  These boys have some serious skills, I’ll tell you.  From soprano to alto to tenor all the way down to baritone sax, each boy is a joy to listen to.  

Typically, I’m hurrying and scurrying during parties, seldom taking the time to stop and enjoy the moment.  Not last night though.  I plopped myself down on the couch with a friend and just soaked in the beautiful music that was floating down toward us.  It’s a memory I’ll cherish forever.

In order to be ready for the early December party, our home went through the typical transformation from blah to fa la la, except in record time.

The tree was trimmed.



The halls were decked.





The stockings were hung.



The corner shelves were bedazzled.



The counter was sugarplum-coated.



And the joy was felt by all!







And now, with a contented sigh, I’m off to settle down for a long winter’s nap – minus the kerchief or cap.


No prancing or pawing, please!


Written by Becky



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