I’ve Come to Embrace the Thought that Change is Good

I’ve Come to Embrace the Thought that Change is Good

I’ve Come to Embrace the Thought that Change is Good


I no longer weep, wail, or even tear up when Logan heads back to school.

Is that wrong of me?

I give him a long, intense bear hug, a kiss on his stubbly cheek, and then send him on his merry way.

It’s not that I love him any less than I did in the fall when I was playing the role of a Shakespearian tragedy protagonist. It’s just that I’ve come to grips with the fact that, at this point in his life, he’s pretty much on loan to us during his college breaks. His heart and home are really back at school.

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

He’s thriving. He’s engaged. He’s taking courses in which I would be lost beyond learning the professor’s name.

For example, his upcoming classes have him launching into topics such as: Intro to Astrophysics, International Studies: The Politics of International Aid, some long-hair class about earthquakes, and finally, Earth Systems Revealed.

What does that last class title even mean? Do I even want to know? It sounds a tad nefarious. Is the official “class namer” being intentionally cryptic? If so . . . success!

And Astrophysics? Really? Unless the course is about how George Jetson’s dog moves from here to there, I’m already flummoxed.

Logan’s third of three quarters (why they’re considered “quarters” and not “thirds” or “trimesters” is beyond me) begins today. He’ll attend class, receive the syllabus, and then buy the necessary books, at which point Jame and I will discuss, yet again, about taking out a second mortgage on our home.



Not really. But it would be an understandable move considering the astronomical cost of college textbooks these days.

He’s joined a fraternity, which is also something with which I’m oddly at peace. (Has someone been slipping Valium in my egg salad while my gaze has been averted?) Honestly, I never pictured him in a frat, but this is a musical house filled with his band friends, and seems like it’ll be a comfortable place for him to call home.

IMG_5448 copy


Back at the ranch, we’ve developed a new normal: a day-to-day, comfortable existence that no longer feels quite so incomplete as it did in the fall. I’ve spent more quality time with Spencer than I ever did before Logan moved away. And that’s been lovely.

Two months from now, once school is done for the year, Logan will move back into his dark, dank man cave at the top of the stairs, and our lives will be altered once again.

These are changing times that challenge us to be adaptable.

They’ve picked up our status quo-loving selves by the pant cuffs and have shaken us until all of the coins have fallen out of our pockets.

But really, when you think about it, what did a few nickels and dimes do for us anyway besides weigh us down?

My boys are happy.

Life is good.

Change is good.



(Did I really just type that?!)



Written by Becky


  • Debbie says:

    Love the pictures of your boys! These are moments which comprise the “good stuff” of life. Enjoy the magic carpet ride with them!

    • Becky says:

      Thanks, Debbie. We’re enjoying spending one-on-one time with Spence, catching up with Loge when he’s available, and love seeing the combativeness of the boys’ relationship dissipate. (Famous last words!)

  • Patty from MMC says:

    Glad Logan has joined a frat that is music-based – lots of his band friends are probably already members. I can imagine the cacophony of melodious sounds that come from each there!! (And probably some not so melodious ones, too, considering they are boys…..!) Getting used to the kids growing up is a right of passage for everyone. In a few short weeks it will be summer again and Logan will return – and it’s not the same when they come home for the summer as when they permanently resided there. They have a new independence – less used to the rules of home and the time structures. And suddenly, they are out in their own, married, and then grandkids ……. It all goes by so fast!

    • Becky says:

      Honestly, I’m really glad that we’ve already gone through our first leaving the nest. That has to be one of the most heart-rending moments in a parent’s life. You learn so much from the experience: they’ll be fine, and if they’re not, they can always come home, your life will go on without them living under your wing, and reconnecting in person, whenever that happens, is pure joy.

  • What a happy blog posting, Becky! You HAVE come a long way from the waterworks front. And Logan seems so happy and busy in his new college life. Hurrah! Whatever you two did regarding his upbringing, it was exactly the right formula! And how wonderful that now you are giving Spencer his full due because he’s got loads of potential too…just goes about it differently.

    Not to change the subject, but WHO is that handsome dude telling us that you really get screwed at the university bookstore? He has appeared on tons of Allstate commercials and even played the heavy in the sequel to Lonesome Dove years ago. Hubba hubba!

    Hope your happy days continue for a long, long time. Your family has all the right ingredients! YLM

    • Becky says:

      Oh my goodness, mother – you’ve gotta put a leash on your inner cougar! The actor’s name is Dennis Haysbert. And yes, he’s very handsome.

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