Joy: Create it. Embrace it. Hold it in Your Heart

Joy: Create it. Embrace it. Hold it in Your Heart

Joy: Create it. Embrace it. Hold it in Your Heart


It’s the day after Christmas: the first day of the lull between Christmas and New Years. It’s a time when most folks begin to wind down after the holiday rat race and take a few moments to reflect on friends and family and new memories that were made.

Yesterday, after dinner and presents, we played a round of “Heads Up!” that lasted for nearly two hours and had us all laughing uproariously. It was truly a time of joy and will be a warm memory that I’ll recall when the winter days are long and cold, and gentle spring breezes feel like only a distant dream.

Here’s a poem I wrote about just that . . .



is precious.

Create it. Embrace it. Hold it in your heart.

An evening spent with true friends that makes you smile

with each remembrance. A nonsensically-silly dinnertime conversation

only understood and appreciated by those at the table. Those with whom you

share your life each and every day. Those whom you love and respect and protect

without boundaries. Without question. Those who own your heart. A blue heron rising up

against a winter morning sky. An unsolicited hug. A sense of acknowledged fulfillment.

A job well done. A child’s silky, little hand coupling with yours. A phone call chock full of

irreverent humor and outlandish laughter. A heartfelt thank you. A lick from a pup. A

warm smile from a confidant you’ve never before met. These are moments of joy to

capture, rewind, and replay when the sky is gray, life is listless,

and you are alone. Relive them. Glory in them.

Hold them in your heart. Because

precious, is



Written by Becky


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