Just a Mom Pondering . . .

Just a Mom Pondering . . .

Just a Mom Pondering . . .


How can this blond, bearded man in a suit be my 17-year-old son?

Where is the little boy who reached up to hold my hand and ask me why the sky is blue?

How did the days between his birth and this moment fly by at warp speed without my taking note?

Why did I push and prod him along from year to year and grade to grade instead of gripping firmly and pulling him back so he could stay my little boy at least a while longer?

Where will his life lead, and how far away from the safety of our roost will he wander?

Will he achieve his dreams of hurtling through space, leaving me to stare up at the nighttime sky and wonder how my boy is faring amongst the stars?

How can mothers’ hearts, the world over, have such tremendous capacity for love and not rupture from the sheer force of it all?


Just a mom pondering . . .


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Written by Becky


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