Little Bits of Good

Little Bits of Good

Little Bits of Good


I saw this photo this morning, and it resonated with me.  

Sometimes we sit and wonder if a few bucks here or a few minutes there will really add up to much help, and if we feel they won’t, we question if they’re really worth giving at all.  

And then we go and buy ourselves a latte instead.

Well, I happen to believe they are worth giving.

Consider this: even if, at this busy time in our lives, I’m only sewing one pillowcase dress a week for my girls in foreign lands, when added to all of the one-a-week dresses that other people are making, our individual efforts combine to be a whole lot of something.

A whole lot of something overwhelming to the world, but only in the best way.


Photo courtesy of: Global Citizen

Written by Becky


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