Meryl Streep: Hollywood’s Latest Superhero – “Courageous Captain Character”

Meryl Streep: Hollywood’s Latest Superhero – “Courageous Captain Character”

Meryl Streep: Hollywood’s Latest Superhero – “Courageous Captain Character”


Holy cow!  Who knew Meryl was such a badass?

She’s officially my new favorite superhero! (Sorry, Wonder Woman.) 

Sure, I know that she stood up to Dustin Hoffman when he was smothering her in their “Kramer vs. Kramer” marriage. That had to take some cojones. I know, too, that she showed that she was a take-no-prisoners type of female chieftain at her “The Devil Wears Prada” editorial job. Not a boss I would exactly relish. And that she held fast to her “the dingo did it” defense in “A Cry in the Dark.” And, for that, she’s to be commended.

But I mean, this latest statement from her blows all of that other stuff away!  

Is it true or a hoax?  I don’t know, but I’m going with “true” if for no other reason than I really want it to be so.  

I love her points on not adjusting to popular gossiping, believing in a world of opposites, loyalty in friendship, losing the will to please those who do not return the favor, and I’m sure I would wholeheartedly agree with her stance on not tolerating “selective erudition” if I actually knew what that meant. 

I’ve loved Meryl forever. My eyes are drawn to her at award shows.  She captivates me.  She’s always quick with a smile, always in attendance with her long-term husband or a beloved child, and always a good-natured participant in the gag of the moment.




15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Show


Now, with this newest piece of insight, I only have a reason to love her a whole lot more.

Are you a member of the Meryl fan club?

Written by Becky


  • Mary Lou Sandvik says:

    Hi Becky! I DO admire Ms. Streep and all the movies in which she performs. Who is that bussing her…Sandra Bullock? Your article on her was right on. She’s a quality star, in my view. Mary Lou Sandvik

  • Lisa says:

    I agree, Becky! I have always been a huge fan of Meryl as an actor and admired her as a person. But I think I love her most for what she didn’t mention about herself in this piece. She does not take herself too seriously. Unlike many high profile female artists today, she is not a diva. She has been nominated year after year for all the prestigious acting awards, not winning one in years, yet she attends every award ceremony not appearing to expect to win, but to honor her fellow actors. I admire her as a mother because I don’t know the names of her children. This tells me she is able balance her professional life along with her personal life, keeping them both separate as it should be. The media is always trying to find and anoint female artists as role models for young girls. Meryl is a role model for all women. It is easy to come up with words to describe Meryl, like classy, intelligent, professional, talented, just to name a few. But to earn the title of Super Hero can only be earned by someone with Meryl’s impeccable character. Bravo, Meryl!

    • Becky says:

      You’re so right, Lisa! Good points. Also, did you know that she was one of the first stars to drive a Prius? Not, naturally, because she couldn’t afford to fill up a standard gas tank, but simply because she believes we all must be good stewards of our planet. How cool is that?

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