Mom’s Epic Brownies: Nailed It!

Mom’s Epic Brownies: Nailed It!

Mom’s Epic Brownies: Nailed It!



We razz my mom about her brownies every chance we get. It all began when she sent us home from a visit with a plate of brownies that were a few days old. No big deal really, but the staleness of those poor put-upon brownies has morphed from “perhaps a day past their prime” to “rock hard, door-stop replacement, hockey pucks.” She’s a good sport and laughs uproariously when we tease her about them.

And yet, I have to say, her brownies are awesome creatures. Even I, who am not in love with chocolate, loves them. They’re rich and fudgy with chocolate frosting that has a hint of coffee. Because of their awesomeness, I decided to bake a double batch so Logan could give them to his fellow Jazz Band jammers, and we could keep one batch at home.

Spence “helped” me. And by “helped”, I mean asked me an unending stream of questions while I was attempting to double the recipe in my head and convert chocolate 1 oz. Baker’s cube squares to 1/2 oz. Ghirardelli flat squares. On top of it all, math and I aren’t the best of friends, so as I’m juggling numbers in my head, trying to give Spence a coherent answer as to why butter melts in two layers and endeavoring to keep my fingers from being severed by the mixer blade, something went tragically wrong with the brownies. Instead of rich, chewy goodness, the poor fellows came out tasting like dry, tasteless nothings.

Completely un-Pondermom-ish.

I hang my head in shame.

The problem was quickly resolved by running to the store, buying a Ghirardelli fudge brownie mix, which Spence made while I attended a meeting.

Problem resolved – yes.

Ego checked – indeed. 

The whole sorry situation reminded me of the “Nailed It!” photos.  Have you seen them?  Do you know what I’m talking about? I think they’re hilarious. They’re regular people’s attempts at the extraordinary, which fall far from the mark.  You, know, like Ray Rayner attempting to recreate a complicated craft project (do you remember that clumsy dude?), or perhaps me trying to replicate my mom’s epic brownies in duplicate with a chatty 12-year-old yapping in my face.

Here are a few “Nailed It!” examples.  I hope they brighten your Friday!
















By the way, apropos of nothing, happy first day of spring!  Miracles do happen!  

Spring hasn’t exactly nailed it yet, but I heard a robin singing the other day, so it will shower us in its glory in due time.

(Google something today, and you’ll immediately smile. I did.)

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