Northwestern University Bound!

Northwestern University Bound!

Northwestern University Bound!


Our 18-year-old, Logan, recently committed to Northwestern University for his freshman year in the fall, and we couldn’t be happier about his decision!

It’s so interesting how you can tour dozens of colleges and only one or two really feel like home. This was one of them. He’ll be participating in their Integrated Science Program (ISP), which apparently is an honors curriculum for a group of 25 freshman students focusing on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and various math classes.

Let me just pause and say . . . “YIKES!!!

Those were the exact classes I avoided like the plague in college. I was basically enrolled in an “Anti-ISP” program.

However, this is not about me, so let’s get back on track, shall we?

In addition to it being a stellar school, Logan chose Northwestern (NU) because of its fantastic marching band. He’s been a drum major at his high school for two years now, is gaga about the band program, and wants the fun to continue while in college. Actually, his high school band marches on the Northwestern field once each fall during band day with a bazillion other high school bands as well as the NU band. After each of those visits, he has always walked away with a starry-eyed dream of some day playing there as a college student.

Now his dream will soon become a reality!


Northwestern University Bound: A bazillion bands on the field


I’m tickled that he’ll be so close by. Because of the proximity, there’s no question about him coming home for Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. I mean, it’s a forty-five minute drive – there will be no reason to pull an Ebenezor Scrooge move and stay at school all by his lonesome. I’m also comforted by the thought that if he’s having a terrible day and wants to decompress with those he loves, he can.

Here’s the rub, though. We have to make sure to give him the independence and space he needs and craves as a new college student. There will not be unannounced drop ins because we “just happened to be in the neighborhood”. We must not expect him to come home to celebrate relatively inconsequential holidays like Halloween, Groundhog Day, Fat Tuesday, and National Chip and Dip Day. And, conversely, he will not be welcome to stop by only to drop off a heap of dirty laundry for me to wash, dry, and fold just so he can come back to pick it up later in the day. His dirty laundry solution will be called a dorm laundry room. And, in his longing for independence, he’ll have to become intimately familiar with it.

We decided to take a drive to Northwestern yesterday afternoon since, while Jame has driven past it many times, he’s never actually walked the campus. It’s truly beautiful, especially on a temperate spring day. We had delectable thin crust pizza for lunch, walked through the flower-filled quads, past the old stone buildings that are now posh frats, sororities and residence halls, and watched students interacting with each other on their way to class: one flailing his arms about, excitedly expounding on some lofty theory, while the others locked their eyes on him, nodding their heads like a pack of studious box turtles.


Northwestern University Bound: flowers along the path


Northwestern University Bound: touring the campus - single file style


Northwestern University Bound: touring the campus - flowers along the path


Northwestern University Bound: touring the campus - single file style


The body of water in the distance is Lake Michigan.


Northwestern University Bound: touring the campus - Lake Michigan is its wet neighbor to the east


Then after buying out the campus tee-shirt shop, we drove home, each of us lost in thought.

Logan was most likely considering things like roommate selection and dorm choices. Jame was probably thinking about how much fun it will be to go watch the football games as well as Logan marching on the field during halftime. Spence was no doubt wondering what we were having for dinner. And I may or may not have been contemplating how many boarders we’ll need to take in to afford the outrageous costs of private school tuition and room and board.

Anyone interested in a suburban basement sublet?





Written by Becky


  • Patty from MMC says:

    I was actually in Chicago when you posted this. Northwestern is a truly mystical campus – beautiful Gothic structures that exude intellect. I am sure he will love every second of it. I also was privileged to see the PhD graduation of my friend Betty one year. Phil Jackson (former Bulls coach) had a child – or maybe twins – graduating as well. He sat down just before the ceremony – and the crowd interrupted in spontaneous applause – and then people started coming up to him for autographs – the seated graduates began a chant: “Leave Phil alone! Leave Phil alone!” And, then the audience did.

    • Becky says:

      Fun story! It is a beautiful campus, isn’t it? I’m sure Logan will have a wonderful 4-year ride there.

  • Mary Lou Sandvik says:

    Becky….what a brain-child Logan is! Tell him to call me for help with any impossible chemistry, biology, physics or math problems, huh? That will be his very first mistake! His new school and campus look exceptional and I’m sure he has made the right choice! I’m wishing him only the best of luck for his first college year. I KNOW he’ll exceed! Grandma Lou

    • Becky says:

      Thanks! I was just thinking about how happy Tor would be if he could understand that Logan is going to his alma mater.

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