Oh Cheese! I’m Obsessed, and That’s Not Gouda!

Oh Cheese! I’m Obsessed, and That’s Not Gouda!

Oh Cheese! I’m Obsessed, and That’s Not Gouda!


I need to come clean.

I appear to have an issue with cheese.

Perhaps it’s less of an issue and more of an obsession in need of a confession.

As I was rounding up some tasty recipes that I’ve already published as suggestions for your Superbowl nosh-fest, I realized how often I’ve advised you to sprinkle cheese throughout many dishes over the course of the last year: some with responsible cheese integration, some decidedly not. (That time I suggested you mix gorgonzola in with your strawberry smoothie was unforgivable. My apologies.)

Frankly, now that I’m taking a good look at things, I’m hard pressed to find recipes without cheesy goodness: Spinach and cheese, chicken and cheese, salad with cheese, even squash with cheese – my food selections are a fromager’s dream come true!

Full confession continued.

        I may or may not don the tee below when I’m home alone.

              While prepping cheese fondue.

                     For clandestine Cheese Nip dipping.

Oh, the shame of it all!



And then, I ran across this additional piece of evidence that further supports my addiction theory.

As a rule, when I happen upon a new recipe that looks good, I print it out, make the dish, and then scribble a rating on the top of it e.g., Good, Very Good, Excellent, Manna from Heaven, etc, and then stash it in a huge accordion file in a drawer. Well, I was thumbing through some of them the other day and ran across a cheesy pasta casserole recipe that I had rated “Very Gouda!”

Far brie it from me to judge, but it seems that my giving in to this cheese addiction does more parm than gouda.

You could even go so far as to say it’s un-American, and makes me feel like a complete cheesehead.

Queso, am I going to start offering more cheese-free, healthy snack options?

You’d cheddar believe it!



Written by Becky


  • Catherine says:


  • Patty from MMC says:

    Cheese Louise!!! I am also an addict! The more cheddar, the better!! Mozzarella, however, is my downfall! Pizza cheese, cheesy bread, mozzarella sticks, etc, etc, etc!!!

  • Marilyn says:

    Hey Becky, you’ve definitely shared some ‘keeper’ recipes and I’ve found an app for storing them that has freed me from searching thru stacks of paper recipes. It’s called Recipe Gallery – I think it was like $2.99. You can download recipes from the web, a screen print or take photos of printed recipes and store them within categories. You can then search on a particular ingredient and pull up all of your recipes containing that (all of your cheese recipes listed in one place – pure bliss).

    No more spending hours searching thru grease-stained bits of paper for me!

  • “You cheddar believe it????” Have you become as corny as your old mom? OH NO! Actually, Becky, I enjoyed your posting and I too think sooo many dishes improve decidedly with the additional of some kind of cheese. Could this be where your addiction comes from? Keep ’em coming. YLM

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