Photobombs Away!

Photobombs Away!

Photobombs Away!


We just returned from New Orleans, I mean, N’awlins, which I’ll tell you all about on Monday.

As I was scanning through our photos, I started to think about photobombs like this one from the trip:

Before – no photobomb

Photobombs Away: pre-photobomb


After – bombed

Photobombs Away: after photobomb


You’ve heard of photo bombs, right? They’re when someone or something inserts him, her, or itself into your photo without you asking them to, or sometimes without you even being aware that they’re doing it. I remember a few years back when all of a sudden it seemed as if kids began launching themselves left and right in front of my camera lens. 

Here’s an epic photo bomb that Logan pulled off at drum major camp last summer. It’s all about the timing, mammy.


Photobombs Away: Logan epic photobomb


By the way, the latest photo fad seems to be the two fingers to the ear like the guy on the right is doing in the photo above. I think it’s supposed to mean that he’s security or something. I also think I’m too old to really get it. In the photo below from our trip, Logan’s whole jazz band is doing the security thing. I don’t know about these young whippersnappers. Back in my day, our only silly photo option was the two-fingered bunny ears. 


Photobombs Away: "Mr. President Game"


And here’s a photo of my guys that I took at the Bandlands years ago that was bombed. I have three guys: one husband and two sons. How many do you see in the photo? That’s right, four. Trust me when I say I have no idea who my newly acquired son up at the top even is. This new son of mine needs a name, so we’ll call him Fernando. All I know about Fernando is that he seems to favor the color maroon, is a mischievous imp, and has a promising future in Bond-like espionage. He was gone almost before I even noticed he was there.


Photobombs Away: Bandlands photobomb, Fernando


Then there are celebrity photo bombs.

Yep, those happen too, sometimes accidentally, oftentimes purposefully because, heck, they like to have fun just like we do. Have you seen them? Apparently this college dude was passed out in his pizza, so Tom Hanks jumped on the opportunity to have this guy’s friend take a photobomb pose with the passed out dude’s phone. Wouldn’t it have been fun to have been there when he sobered up and saw it on his phone?


Photobombs Away: celebrity photobomb - Tom Hanks


Photobombs Away: celebrity photobomb - Tom Hanks

Photo source:

How about being double photobombed by Jimmy Fallon and his wife in NYC? Or is that Cameron Diaz? Hmm. . .


Photobombs Away: celebrity photobomb - Jimmy Fallon

Photo courtesy of:

Or capturing the moment when Zach Braff just happened to walk by like a goofball in your oh-so-serious wedding shot . . .


Photobombs Away: celebrity photobomb - Zach Braff

Photo courtesy of:

Or even Queen Elizabeth getting in on the photobombing action, in only the most sophisticated manner, of course.


Photobombs Away: celebrity photobomb - Queen Elizabeth


Sometimes inanimate objects like posters can even create photobombs.


Photobombs Away: celebrity photobomb - poster

Photo source:

And at other times, animals are the instigators. Sure, it’s all grins and giggles for you ladies on the right, since you’re not the ones being cloaked in a cold stingray blanket.


Photobombs Away: animal photobomb - stingray

Photo source:

And then there are those darn felines who always have to take center stage, when the mood suits, that is.


Photobombs Away: animal photobomb - flying feline

Photo source:

You can be the recipient of a front-on photobomb from an emu . . .


Photobombs Away: animal photobomb - head-on emu shot

Photo source:

. . . or get a side-eye photobomb from a wary pooch.


Photobombs Away: animal photobomb - side eye from a pooch

 Photo source:

And as much as we’d like to think that we’re oh-so-hip and clever having just invented the photobomb recently, the guy under the Civil War tent flap in the bottom left here begs to differ.


Photobombs Away: historical photobomb

Photo source:          

Stay tuned for tales from our wild trip including an incarceration and lots of logs reeking havoc.


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