Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Recipes and Articles . . . As Well As Mine!

Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Recipes and Articles . . . As Well As Mine!

Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Recipes and Articles . . . As Well As Mine!


I love seeing which posts you, my readers, find interesting.

As with most internet blogs, my site provides basic analytical information that tells me which posts have resonated with my readers, and which, frankly, were duds.

Analyzing data to see what makes people tick has always fascinated me. It’s actually what I did for a living for years with direct marketing programs.

For example, why is it that a simple tortilla chip dip recipe was a hands-down winner, yet, all other things being equal, no one gave even a single hoot about my favorite plum upside down cake recipe?

Why do certain posts like “Pay it Forward Weekend Begins Now” encourage scores of readers to leave comments, while the response to a post such as “Just a Mom Pondering” that meant so much to me when I wrote it, my face awash with tears, is so quiet that crickets can be heard chirping from miles around?

The timing of the post certainly is a main contributor to a post’s success. Christmas morning – soooo not good. A week before the Super Bowl – bring on the recipes!

Generic appeal is another positive factor regarding folks’ willingness to share the article with their friends as well as relatability and timeliness.

Search engine positioning is critical as well. Sometimes a Google search will reveal a PonderMom post on the first page at the very top. Other times, it will be buried all the way back on the bottom of page 16.

With that, here are your top 5 favorite recipes (in descending order), and top 5 pondering posts (in descending order), and my top 5 favorites of each category (in random order because ranking them would be like asking a mom to choose a favorite child – can’t be done!).

Click on the title of any post listed here that you’d like to read.



Readers’ Top 5 Favorite Recipes 


  1. Oven-Fried Chipotle Chicken

Reader Favorites: Chipotle Chicken


2. Super Bowl Snacks: Baked Cheese and Artichoke Dip in a Sourdough Bread Bowl

Reader Favorites: Sourdough Bread Bowl


3. Potbelly’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: Warm and Gooey Straight from the Oven!

Reader Favorites: Potbelly's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


4. 6 Super Simple Meal for New College Cooks Part I: Pressed Spinach and Feta Grilled Cheese

Reader Favorites: Spinach and Feta Grilled Cheese


5. Super Bowl Treats: Healthy and Not

Reader Favorites: Super Bowl Treats


A common theme with the popular recipes: Simplicity is key! And while I’ve offered quite a few recipes that take very little time to prepare, honestly, I have other more daring, interesting, and intricate recipes that I’d love to share, but haven’t because I know most folks’ aversion to fussy recipes. I may have to sneak one or two in now and then merely to scratch my itch!


Readers’ Top 5 Favorite Pondering Pieces


  1. A Few Pieces of Fabric Become a Little Girl’s Cloak of Dignity and Love

Reader Favorites: Pillowcase Dress Fabric


2. My Boy Has Moved Away to College . . My Boy Has Moved Away to College . . .

Reader Favorites: My Boy Has Left for College


3. 10 Utterly Useless Kitchen Gadgets

Reader Favorites: Egg snot separator?


4. Trump in Burlington: The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystanders

Reader Favorites: Trump is a bully


5. Meet My Brother, Tim: Growing up with a Mentally-Handicapped and Severely Emotionally-Disturbed Sibling

Reader Favorites: My Brother, Tim


A common theme here: apparently you appreciate when I write with my heart. Other than the goofy gadget post, writing each of the posts above was as painful as taking my heart out of my chest and feeding it through a pasta press . . . um, or so I would imagine. I shuddered each time I clicked on the “Publish” button with these pieces because they meant a great deal to me, and perhaps revealed a little too much of my soul. More so, at least, than I was comfortable with at the moment.


So, the quantitative data analysis revealed your favorites. Now it’s my turn to reveal my top 5’s, which are unscientifically based solely on my opinion.


My Top 5 Favorite Recipes


  1. Panda Express Sweet Fire Chicken

This? A lowly chicken dish?

Oh my Gawd, yes, this!

As a matter of fact, I made it just last week and renewed my ever-loving devotion to this recipe. It’s a bit of a time commitment, but the flavors and textures are outstanding. You have to try it!



2. Three-layer Berry and Brown Sugar Pavlova

Truth be told, if I wasn’t pretending to be all adult and stuff, I probably would include only desserts on this list starting with this one.

The consistency of the cake is like crunchy melt-in-your mouth marshmallows. Then you add the sweet fruit and tangy sour cream, and it dances on your tongue. Specifically, it does the Nae Nae, if I remember correctly.



3. Korean Beef with Rice

Why the infatuation with this one?

Well, because the flavors are unique. It’s as simple as simple pie to pull together. And it instantly pleases everyone at our dinner table.

I rest my case.



4. Apple Crack Dumplings

I love these sweet, little dumplings for a myriad of reasons, but primarily because they take about 10 minutes to make but taste like you slaved over an hour. What’s more, they are bathed in gooey cinnamon sugar syrup. How can gooey cinnamon sugar syrup not be good? (Keep in mind, Spencer made the ones below.)



5. Zucchini Tart with Gruyere and Pesto

I’m a huge vegetable fan. Perhaps it’s a subconscious means of trying to absolve myself from overdosing on sugar.

We can analyze that another time.

At the moment, I only want you to gaze upon the gloriousness of this squash tart. The pesto that’s spread on the pie crust before the cheesy, eggy, squashy filling goes in really makes the dish pop! It’s a wonderful tart that shouts SUMMER! But only in a happy, sunshine-and-daisies kind of way.



My Top 5 Favorite Pondering Pieces


  1. Son, Your Vulcan Death Glare Doesn’t Faze Me

Why? Because being a good mom and raising kids who will better our world is paramount to me.



2. Pecking Order

Why? Because I learned that a mistake isn’t always a bad thing.



3. On Getting Older: Betrayal of Mind and Body a.k.a., Life in my 50’s

Why? Because, as an over-the-hill, card-carrying, club member, I live with these 50-something handicaps every moment of my life and it’s therapeutic to make fun of them. (Nine out of ten geriatric specialists recommend it.*) (*Fabricated fact.)

Inside every older person is a younger-3


4. “Herstory” in the Making!

Why? Because I sweated over publishing this piece more than any other post I’ve ever written. And yet, I stepped up and conquered my fear and wrote about something that I was impassioned about despite my anxiety.

Reader Favorites: Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic nominee


5. Putting Things in Perspective

Why? Because this post reminds me not to sweat the small stuff and to gather rosebuds while I may.



So, were any of your favorite posts missing from those above? 

If so, what was it, pray tell!


Written by Becky


  • Debbie says:

    I love your apple dumpling recipe and have made it many times now. I loved your piece on Tim especially. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and scrumptious recipes. You write a terrific blog.

    • Becky says:

      That’s fantastic that you make the apple dumplings often, Debbie! They’re so easy and have a wonderful taste, don’t they? And, yeah, that piece on Tim was a struggle to write. How do you explain the intricacies of a mind like his?

  • Patty from MMC says:

    I can’t pick a favorite since I love them all – even the recipes, which I don’t make, but enjoy looking at the pictures! One Post I will always remember, though, is the one about the Cinderella movie. I laughed a lot at that one!

    • Becky says:

      I know, Patty, I loved the Cinderella post as well. It’s too funny that that dialog came directly from my family’s time together. We’re just a little, um, unique that way.

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