Romaine Kicks Kale’s Tough, Bitter Butt!

Romaine Kicks Kale’s Tough, Bitter Butt!

Romaine Kicks Kale’s Tough, Bitter Butt!


Hey there!  I just saw a chart that compared kale and other greens, was delighted with the findings, and felt compelled to share.

You see, there’s been so much hoopla over kale lately.  Yet, try as I might, I have never been a huge fan of it.  I’ve wanted to be.  The cool kids all seem to like it.  

But I mean, come on.  It’s tough.  It’s bitter.  Frankly, it’s the green leafy stuff that, for decades, had a sole purpose of separating deli meats.  Let’s not pretend otherwise.




Then along came this chart, and it made me feel vindicated regarding my kale aversion.

Take a look.




There’s a veritable laundry list of greens that best kale in the nutrient department. Do you see kale hanging out all the way on the very bottom? Uh huh. Even your everyday, humble head of romaine kicks kale’s butt. Heck a bunch of wimpy little chives packs more punch than kale.

Plus, look at the chart title.  This isn’t a personal theory created by a nobody like me. “Science” says kale is a nutritional wimp. Well, relatively so, at least.  And you won’t find a ruling that’s any more clinical or factual or, you know, scientific than one backed by “Science.”

So, from now on, when a kale pusher tries to force feed me this salad bar garnish, I’m just going to give an all-knowing, smart ass little smile – kind of like that Mona Lisa chick – and politely decline, comforted by the knowledge that all of my other tastier green friends are doing the job just fine, thank you very much.


I am wise to your trickery, Kale!



Written by Becky


  • Stephanie says:

    It hurts my feelings when I go to “spam”. 🙁 It is a good thing we are on the same wave length so you know I have communicated with you anyway. Based on the wiz kid’s assessment of the situation, I am changing to my other e-mail that doesn’t include weird characters that can be associated with spam addresses. Now if I go in to spam I will know its because you just don’t want to hear from me.

    • Becky says:

      So sorry for your hurt feelings, Steph, from the whole, you know, the spam label thing. And because I certainly don’t want to be the cause of further heartbreak, I will not inform you that this note also bit the dust in the spam file. Changing to a different email address was a good thought on Christian’s part, but I guess this site considers anyone commenting with the name “Stephanie” to be villainous and worthy of only the depths of the spam file. Don’t worry though, I’ll “feel” your presence and rescue you each and every time! It’s becoming second nature!

      • Stephanie says:

        How is it that an e-mail from ‘SeniorPeopleMeet Dating’, which is obviously spam, I mean, I am not even 50, just made it through my spam filter and yet my innocuous little e-mails about kale are labeled as spam by yours?? I think it’s a conspiracy.

        • Becky says:

          Oy! I stepped out of the house for a whole two hours only to come home and find yet another message from you, apparently the soon-to-be senior dating queen, in the spam file. It has you pegged as a trouble-maker, and once that happens, there seems to be no going back.

  • sarahskinoakovitch says:

    So…. I guess my “name” will forever (at least in this arena) be known as sarahskinoakovitch!!?? Funny!!!

    I have to say, I’m a little surprised with the kale findings. I have found that the only “good” way to enjoy this tough, bitter green is to tear it, beat it, squeeze it until it becomes more obedient, then add it to onions and garlic simmering in hot olive oil. I actually like it, but not as much as my very favorite…. spinach. So, from now on I’ll stick to Popeye’s go to green.
    Oh…. but I did enjoy my kale as a side with rice to your yummy salmon recipe last night, and tonight I made the spinach & artichoke chicken. Sooooo delicious! Thanks for sharing with all of us! 😉

    • Becky says:

      Miss Skinoakovich! So glad you enjoyed the salmon and spinach and artichoke chicken. Or, as you and people from the motherland might say, “CHEEK-en.” But here’s the thing about the fancy kale prep, the insole of a used gym shoe would probably taste dandy if “torn, beaten, squeezed and simmered in onion, garlic, and olive oil.” I think you’re on the right track with starting with something that’s inherently delicious, like spinach, and enhancing it from there. We’ll miss you on Friday!

    • Becky says:

      The funny thing, too, is that I posted a link to this post on Facebook and had several people respond thanking me for making it okay not to like kale! 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    OMG you must be psychic! I tried kale for the FIRST TIME tonight! I figured I should see what all of the fuss is about. One of my friends loves it so I asked her to tell me what I should try. She gave me a recipe for Kale Chips, which, in case you were wondering, bear no resemblance to actual ‘chip’ chips. Except they both have salt. And are crunchy. Ok, so they bear some resemblance. They were awful. I don’t know if it was my preparation (likely) or inability to follow a recipe, but they were awful. Thank you for giving me a good reason never to try kale again.

    • Becky says:

      Hah! I’m telling you, Steph, I AM PSYCHIC! More and more every day, I’m psychic! For example, something told me to search my spam file once more, and BOOM! There was your comment, filed in the trash yet again. Anyway, you’re welcome for the kale pardon. Any other vegetables that you are leery of, just let me know, and I’ll write a post that disses them as well. And, by the way, this weekend is pay it forward weekend. Do not even try to pawn off those nasty kale chips on me under the guise of a “random act of kindness”. (Runs outside to somehow bolt her mailbox shut.)

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