Six Word Memoirs: “Encapsulating Your Life in Six Words”

Six Word Memoirs: “Encapsulating Your Life in Six Words”

Six Word Memoirs: “Encapsulating Your Life in Six Words”


Have you heard about Six-Word Memoirs?

I only just did, and instantly fell in love with them.

You could say, they’re little things I love.

Apparently, they were first introduced in SMITH Magazine in 2006, and over a million memoirs have been shared since then. That’s 6 million precisely selected words that have been flying all around us, and I never had a clue. These memoirs are used in classrooms as creative writing assignments, at work functions as team-building exercises, and at parties as ice breakers.

We live complicated, multi-faceted lives, but what a neat challenge to sum it all up, or at the very least, to sum up one aspect of your life in six words.


Two came to me right away:

Observing the world through Groucho glasses.” I’m an obsessive observer, and if you look at things through the right lens, there’s humor to be found all around us every day.

My policy: disregard the ‘rules.’” Yep, I realize that’s only five words. That’s kind of the point.


Here are some more Six-Word Memoirs I found that other people wrote that I think are swell:

“My photographic memory never fully developed.”

“Been every size. Insides never change.” 

“Whether written or aged, lines tell. . .”

“Euphoria comes easy when temps rise.”

“Cooking for one, drinking for eight.”

“Pretty certain I am somewhat unsure.”

“My inner smartass is always employed.”

“Piecing a mosaic of broken hearts.”

“Two lists: Bucket and F*ck It.”

“Now and zen I find peace.”

“Crack outer shell, expose inner nut.”

“Love food. Love life much more.” 


If you’re curious to read more, or even want to submit one of your own, here’s a link to the site. Go to the tab that reads “Editor’s Pick” for the good ones.:


So, have your creative juices begun flowing?

Have you conjured up a Six-Word Memoir or two or three of your own?

Are you brave enough to share?

Come on! 

I double-dog dare ya!

Written by Becky



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