The Cutlers – GRRR!

The Cutlers – GRRR!

The Cutlers – GRRR!


The Bears have just begun practicing down in Bourbonnais.

I was such a huge Jay Cutler fan the first few seasons he played in Chicago. Lord knows we needed a better quarterback than Kyle Orton.

Everyone was up in arms about how Jay was a wuss who couldn’t take a few hits. I, on the other hand, went to bat for him time and again because he wasn’t just getting hit, he was getting pummeled, stomped on, and full-on pulverized due to our weak offensive line.

I used to cringe when I saw the abuse he was taking, and would secretly send him supersonic protective rays through the TV to stop him from becoming a quadriplegic during the next unprotected throw.

Yep. I said it. Supersonic protective rays.

I guess they worked, too, because he walked or at least limped away every time.

And then he went and married THE Kristin Cavallari, whose sketchy fame came from “THE Real Orange County.”

‘Nuf said.

They had two sons, and have just announced that they have another baby on the way.

Don’t care.

And while Patrick Sharp, the recently traded Blackhawks player, took out full-page ads in both the Trib and Sun Times to proclaim his undying gratitude for his Chicago fans and Blackhawks management, THE Kristin Cavallari went on record saying that Chicago is not, nor will it ever be home.

Quite the PR maven, that one is.

So I’m going on record saying, “Guess what? We don’t want you anyway. Character counts.”

Buh-bye, Cutlers. You can’t leave soon enough.

Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

(Jay is going to be so sorry this season when I’m no longer sending my supersonic protective rays. You wait. You’ll see.)


P.S. I reserve the right to change my feelings based on a Superbowl win.



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Written by Becky


  • Patty from MMC says:

    I never liked Cutler. Not sure what “potential” the Bears still see in him. He is overpaid for the quality of his performances. Our luck he would be traded and do phenomenal with another team. Seems like that’s the luck of the Bears lately.

    • Becky says:

      Well, he has a great arm, but he is a pouty baby instead of a well-respected leader. (Oy! there I go defending him again. Sorta.)

  • Heather says:

    Funny about reserving the right to change your mind! So I don’t even know…reading this, I’m assuming Jay has been traded. I agree. Who cares, but I was never a fan like you anyway. Football… whatever!

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