Tia: My Cherished Scaredy Cat/Dog

Tia: My Cherished Scaredy Cat/Dog

Tia: My Cherished Scaredy Cat/Dog


Let me introduce you to my pooch. Her name is Tia. She’s my 13-lb. Havanese who, I’m quite convinced, is still trying to determine if she should self-identify as a cat or a dog or perhaps even as a bedroll.


She’s small like a cat, stand-offish and skittish like one at times, she loves to curl up next to us like a feline, and has even been known to pounce on innocent pieces of yarn just laying on the ground minding their own business.

Now, take a look at this video.

I’ve gotta ask, have you ever seen a dog act like this? Perhaps this is normal canine behavior that has just escaped my notice all of these years, but what’s with the carpet fetish? Every single time she begins to eat, she scoops up a mouthful and then shifts into reverse so she can chomp away in her cushy safety zone: her revered corner of carpet. Would she go on a starvation diet if we lost the carpet? Back up all the way to the welcome mat by the front door?

It wouldn’t at all surprise me.

Havaneses have been nicknamed Velcro dogs because they stick to their number one person like, um, Velcro. They’ll seldom be found more than a few feet away.

Guess who the number one dog person is in this household?

Yep, you guessed it. 

When my sons were toddlers, I got used to the idea of a voyeur being present when I used the facilities. I thought those days were long behind me. Now, however, I have a canine voyeur who whimpers and whines if I dare to close the door to the bathroom on her – mean dog mommy that I am.

Despite all of Tia’s quirks and demands, she’s my darling little companion who loyally and enthusiastically agrees with every whack-a-doodle opinion I hold and, everyday, makes me strive to be the person she thinks I am.


She’s one of the little things I love.



Written by Becky


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