Top Ten Things I’m Crushing on This Christmas Season

Top Ten Things I’m Crushing on This Christmas Season

Top Ten Things I’m Crushing on This Christmas Season


10) No Elf. No Shelf. I am delighted beyond measure that my sons were either too old, or for some reason showed no interest in that demonic Elf on the Shelf. He’s a pint-sized deviate that I’m glad I don’t have to lose sleep over thinking he could be lying in wait under the bed ready to grate my fingertips if my arm were to flop over the side at night. Look at this photographic evidence. . . I rest my case.



9) Kate Davis’ “That’s What I Want for Christmas.” It’s sultry and bluesy and makes me swoon. Take a listen and let me know if you agree.



8) Carolers. A troop of young Santa hat-clad Brownies rang our doorbell last week, and greeted us with a cheerful round of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” It was magical. It was also our first ever experience with carolers. Was I supposed to have anticipated their visit with hot cocoa waiting for them on the stove? Have had mugs of steamy wassail at the ready? What is caroler etiquette these days anyway? I haven’t a clue.



7) Naps. The other day, I fell asleep lying on the couch staring at the Christmas tree and woke up feeling as fresh and sappy as a newly cut evergreen bow. Give yourself the gift of a nap. Seriously. Write it on a card in silver glitter: “I get to take one long winter’s nap whenever I so choose and no phone, doorbell, dog, or person is allowed to wake me.”  Then stuff it in your stocking, and pull it out with surprised delight on Christmas morning. Cash it in a month from now when you’re feeling winter weary.



6) The scent of cinnamon pinecones. The fragrance evokes memories of blazing log fires. Before we switched to gas, we would toss tinted and scented pinecones on top of the logs and listen to them crackle and pop, watch them burn blue, turquoise and green, and smell the comingled scents of pine and cinnamon.



5) White twinkle lights that blur into lovely glowing orbs when I remove my glasses.

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4) No Brown Lunch Bags! I love not having to make sack lunches for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Woo hoo and Hallelujah!



3) Gifts of love. The wonderful Christmas morning surprise my boys have planned for my husband (who’s no doubt reading this and wracking his brain trying to figure out what it could possibly be). Patience is a virtue, Jame.


2) College Acceptances Are Coming in at Long Last! The fact that my son was accepted into the University of Chicago and the pressure is off during the holidays rocks my socks! It’s a great school, and if that’s where he ends up going, within an hour of a hug, I’ll be one happy mama.


1) You! For all of the heart-felt, heart-warming, and supportive comments and feedback I’ve gotten on this new crazy blogging adventure. I appreciate your readership and that you’re sharing my blog with friends and family more than you’ll ever know!


 Merry Christmas!




Written by Becky


  • Lisa McNair says:

    I love your list of crushes! It reminds me that the real pleasures of the season are quite simple and inexpensive. My crush list looks a lot like yours, especially white Christmas lights and naps. Am I alone in thinking that white lights should be okay all year round? I subscribe to naps year round as well. A big one on my list is holiday candles. I enjoy candles year round, but the scents of holly berry and holiday pine along with the twinkling flame of the wick give me such a warm, cozy feeling.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Becky says:

      You know what, we string white lights on the deck in the summer, and they look wonderful. If it makes you happy, I say, go for it! Merry Christmas to all of the McNairs as well!

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