Visiting The Windchill City: Maggie Daley Park and The New, Delectable Shake Shack

Visiting The Windchill City: Maggie Daley Park and The New, Delectable Shake Shack

Visiting The Windchill City: Maggie Daley Park and The New, Delectable Shake Shack


My son, Logan, had a college interview in downtown Chicago on Saturday, so we all headed into the frigid city to drop him off, and then check out the new Maggie Daley Park skating rink located on what was the northeast 20 acres of Grant Park, just across from Millennium Park. (If you’re interested, you can read more about this new park HERE.)


Trip to Chicago: Walking towards the new Maggie Daley Park


AND IT WAS F F F FREEZING!!! Below zero with the windchill. Which, of course, is to be expected during a cold snap in Chicago in mid January.


Trip to Chicago: Walking in the new Maggie Daley Park


It seems to me, the most distinctive features of the park, at this stage, are the giant toothbrush lights that arch over the walkway. No one can say that Chicago doesn’t promote good dental health habits.


Trip to Chicago: Walking in the new Maggie Daley Park


Here’s a shot as we were about to walk under a toothbrush. (In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I’d ever type that sentence.)




Calling the ice a skating rink is a misnomer since it flows in a thin, curvy shape, and is actually more appropriately being categorized as a skating ribbon. Here’s what the ribbon looks like from an aerial shot. In the winter, it’s flooded for ice skating, while in the summer, the plan is to use it for rollerblading and skating. Spence will love nothing more than to join the rollerbladers after the big thaw.


Trip to Chicago: Walking in the new Maggie Daley Park - the skating ribbon


And here’s the skating ribbon from a straight on view. God bless these warm-blooded, skating souls. As if it wasn’t freezing enough just walking around, I can’t even imagine how cold their cheeks were while skating!




The above sentiment was pretty much Spencer’s entire, looped monolog on the walk back to the car.

And yet, let me just pause to say that we’ve had it pretty easy this winter, especially compared to last. I was geared up for a plethora of polar vortexes, and we’ve had exactly none. Yes, it’s been super cold in the last few days, and I dislike when my nostrils freeze together the minute I step outside as much as the next person, but we do live in the Northern Midwest, after all. It’s to be expected. (Ducking to avoid the ice balls that will now certainly be thrown my way.)

I also think it’s fantastic how the city of Chicago has set aside so much land for public parks. You could spend the whole day and then some just exploring the various parks and free open air attractions in the city: Millennium Park, Grant Park, Lincoln Park, Navy Pier, all of the beaches, etc. Only, it’s best to do so on a day where the temperature outside exceeds that of your kitchen freezer.



Do you see my boys on the Navy Pier swings in shorts? Um, you do remember what shorts are, right? I, myself, have a vague, distant, carefree recollection.

After braving the Arctic tundra known as Maggie Daley Park, we rushed back to our heated car seats, picked up Logan from his interview, and ate lunch at “Hake Shack.” Sorry, I mean, “Shake Shack.” Pay no attention to my sad photography taken through the windshield as we pulled away.


Shake Shack in Chicago


Shake Shack, on the corner of Ohio and Rush, is new to Chicago, which means it’s also all the rage at the moment. Then again, so was “Five Guys” once upon a time, until it wasn’t. Regardless, “Shake Shack” has some lovely comfort food that I didn’t have to make, photograph, or clean up after, so I was as happy as a clam.

Their milkshakes are delicious, but perhaps a tad thick.


Shake Shack thick shake


Shake Shack thick shake


Milkshake is too thick


You pretty much are guaranteed to look ridiculous while drinking them. But, then again, they’re pretty much worth it.


Milkshake is too thick


Frankly, it’s like trying to suck up an elephant through a straw. Albeit, a very tasty, cappucino-flavored elephant.


Thick Shake Shack Milkshake -  Milkshake is too thick


And their hotdogs and burgers are deliciously decadent and quite photogenic too, no?


Shake Shack Cheeseburger


Shake Shack Hotdog and Fries


Now that we’ve had our brief taste of food freedom, we’re ready to return to our commitment to healthy meals. Which, truly, can be delicious in their own right.


I love our little treks into the city.

My husband grew up there, so he finds any excuse to visit.

I also love coming back home to the boondocks, though.

A brief taste of urban life, and then it’s back to the country we go; if you ask me, we really have the best of both worlds!

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